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Dr. Walter Mischel, the originator of The Marshmallow Test, has died.

I was sorry to hear that – not only was a giant in psychology – he also was very gracious when I interviewed him for Education Week Teacher a few years ago.

Here are a couple of obituaries:

Walter Mischel, psychologist who created ‘marshmallow test,’ dies at 88 appeared in The Washington Post.

Walter Mischel, 88, Psychologist Famed for Marshmallow Test, Dies is from The New York Times.

In addition to that Ed Week interview, here are other important related resources I’ve shared about him and his work over the years:

You can find lots at Best Posts About Helping Students Develop Their Capacity For Self-Control, including lesson plans where I incorporated his work.

Softening Claims of the Marshmallow Test is by Greg Toppo. This is the best piece out there on the newly “replicated” Marshmallow Test because it has a response from Walter Mischel and came out very recently.

“It’s Not Simply That Life Does Things To Us…We In Turn Do Things To It,” Says Walter Mischel Of The Marshmallow Experiment

Walter Mischel’s Marshmallow Study is from The BBC.