I’m all for our schools doing better.

It would have been nice, however, for Secretary DeVos to also say in words and in deeds that the Trump Administration wants to support public schools (not attack them with vouchers – see The Best Resources For Learning Why School Vouchers Are A Bad Idea); support civil rights in schools and not attack them – see VIDEO: SETH MEYERS ON “BETSY DEVOS’ ROLLBACK OF CIVIL RIGHTS” and DEPT. OF ED ON CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINTS : THANKS, BUT NO THANKS….) and support English Language Learners instead of trying to eliminate the federal office that is supposed to oversee services for them (see DEVOS CONTINUES EFFORT TO UNDERCUT ELLS – SHE NEEDS TO PUT HER LISTENING EARS ON….) – not to mention trying to give schools the green light to report undocumented students and families to Immigration (see No, Secretary DeVos, Schools Cannot Choose To Call ICE On Students – Here Are The Best Rebuttals To Her False Claim).

I’m not holding my breath.