I’m adding these new resources to various “Best” lists. You can find links to all of those many lists that relate to race and racism at “Best” Lists Of The Week: Resources For Teaching & Learning About Race & Racism:

What Is White Privilege, Really? is from Teaching Tolerance. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Examining “Privilege”

Stanford is removing Junipero Serra’s name from parts of campus is from The L.A. Times. My ELL U.S. History students happen to be writing an essay this week about if they agree with the Pope when he made Serra a Saint. You can see the resources they use on our U.S. History blog.

San Francisco Removes Statue Of Native Man At Feet Of Colonizers is from NPR. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Teaching About Confederate Monuments.

Robin DiAngelo: White people are still raised to be racially illiterate. If we don’t recognize the system, our inaction will uphold it. is from NBC News. I’m adding it to New & Revised: Resources To Help Us Predominantly White Teachers To Reflect On How Race Influences Our Work.

This picture signaled an end to segregation. Why has so little changed? is from The Guardian. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About School Desegregation (& Segregation) – Help Me Find More.

Building A Culturally Responsive Classroom is from Achieve The Core. I’m adding it to The Best Resources About “Culturally Responsive Teaching” & “Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy” – Please Share More!