I have received a definitive answer from the site:

“Yes! Teachers can register as many students to their account as they would like, and see all of their progress for free.”

Legends of Learning offers a ton of cool science games for students, and the ability to create a virtual classroom and track student progress.

I originally posted about them last year (see “Legends Of Learning” Is New Game-Based Site That Lets Teachers Create Free (For Awhile) Virtual Classrooms). However, as an addendum to that post says, I eventually discovered it was only free for the first month. I’ll take responsibility for that error, and I also think the site could and should have made that more clear.

Earlier this week, I received an email that said this:

Now Legends of Learning is Forever Free

Yep, you heard that right – you’ll no longer need coins to use Legends of Learning in your classroom. In fact, we’re flipping it – launching this Fall, the more you use Legends of Learning, the more swag you’ll earn! We see awesome capes and socks in your future! Paid accounts still get advanced features, but the Legends of Learning educational games will always be free for you to use.


Keeping in my mind my mistake from last year, I followed-up with them.  Here’s the chat dialogue:

LF: I’d like a clarification – does it cost anything for teachers to create virtual classrooms and for students to play the games?

LOL: Hi there! It costs nothing for you to create playlists of games and launch them for students. Which I think is along the lines of what you were asking

LF: I’m writing a blog post about the site. What and when exactly do teachers begin paying? Can they track student progress for free, or is that part of a premium plan?

LOL: Hi there! It costs nothing for you to create playlists of games and launch them for students.


If this is indeed the case and, based on the chat, there doesn’t appear to be any reason to doubt it, then Legends of Learning seems like an amazing site for science teachers.

I’m adding this info to The Best Sites Where Students Can Work Independently & Let Teachers Check On Progress.