I think I do a pretty good job on grading and am generally successful in having students be less concerned about “points” and more concerned about learning.

You can read more about my thoughts on the topic, and those of others whom I respect, at The Best Resources On Grading Practices.

I was intrigued by some tweets I saw on the topic of giving students fifty percent instead of a zero for work that is not completed.

Here are some commentaries on that topic – some were shared in response to my request, others are ones that provoked by asking for further explanation:

A Zero Does Nothing But Hurt Education is from The Teacher and the Admin.

Solving the Problems of Zeros in Grading is from Thomas Guskey.

The Case Against Zeros in Grading is from Edutopia.

It’s Time to Stop Pretending We Have a “100-Point” Grading Scale is from The Center For Assessment.

Why I Stopped Giving Zeros is from Edutopia.

Why the 100-Point Grading Scale Is a Stacked Deck is from Edutopia.