Five years ago, in another somewhat futile attempt to reduce the backlog of resources I want to share, I began this occasional “Ed Tech Digest” post where I share three or four links I think are particularly useful and related to…ed tech. Today’s post is the 100th edition!

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Here are this week’s choices:

SHOULD YOU USE STUDENT PHOTOS ONLINE? is from The Edublogger. I’m adding it to The Best Teacher Resources For Online Student Safety & Legal Issues.

FiskKit lets you upload articles or url addresses, create a virtual classroom, and let students annotate them. I’m adding it to The Best Applications For Annotating Websites.

Apple’s “Everyone Can Create” Curriculum Launches is from TechCrunch.

What’s Trending in New Ed-Tech ‘Top 40’ Digital Tools is from Ed Week.

Haiku Deck Zuru uses artificial intelligence to help you create a slide presentation. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to use it. I’m adding it to  The Best Tools That “Automatically” Create Presentations.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook to Log In to Other Sites is a useful tip from The NY Times. I’m adding it to The Best Advice On Protecting Our Digital Info.

Three Digital Portfolio Styles – And Tools for Making Them is from Richard Byrne. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Developing Student Portfolios.