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There are tons of podcasts out there for students learning English.

There are far fewer designed for teachers of English.

Here are the ones I’m aware of – please share ones I’m missing:

I’ve got to start with Carol Salva’s excellent one!

Then, there’s a show hosted by ELLevation.

TEFL Commute Podcast is another one.

There’s The TEFLology Podcast.

I probably should include my show.  It’s not limited to English-language teaching, but I’ve certainly done quite a few shows on the topic.  Check them out at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions.

Again, let me know who I’m missing!

Here are some reader suggestions:

Dan Buller writes:

Nice list. I also just found this new one: ELT WTF by Timothy Hampson (@timhampson on Twitter).



Empowering Language Learners is a new podcast from Tan Huynh.

Podcasts for ELT teachers is by Sandy Millin.

ELT podcasts you should be listening to is from Oxford.

Diesol Podcast