ProPublica, along with Chalkbeat, The New York Times, and I assume others, has published Miseducation: Is There Racial Inequality at Your School?

And it’s pretty amazing….

The ProPublica side of things is an interactive that offers:

Based on civil rights data released by the U.S. Department of Education, ProPublica has built an interactive database to examine racial disparities in educational opportunities and school discipline. Look up more than 96,000 individual public and charter schools and 17,000 districts to see how they compare with their counterparts.

Chalkbeat has a series of articles focusing on the details of what this data looks like on the ground in various communities around the country.  You can find links to all their articles on the site (scroll down).

And The NY Times has a related article headlined ‘You Are Still Black’: Charlottesville’s Racial Divide Hinders Students.

I’m adding this info to:

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