Yesterday’s election will have a huge impact on education throughout the United States (you might also be interested in teaching resources at THE BEST RESOURCES FOR TEACHING ABOUT THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS).

Here are reports on some of the races that have both “indirect” (see The Best Places To Learn What Impact A Teacher (& Outside Factors) Have On Student Achievement) and direct affects on schools, teachers, our students and their families (I’ll continue to add to this list):

Wisconsin State Schools Tony Evers Wins Wisconsin Governor’s Race, Beating Scott Walker is from The NY Times.

With more than two-thirds of votes in, Tuck leads Thurmond in race for California schools chief is from Ed Source (if this holds, this will be a disappointment for many teachers here in our state).

EDlection2018: 2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes Elected to U.S. Congress in CT, Promising to Back Teachers and Increase School Funding is from The 74.

Buckle Up, Betsy DeVos: It Looks Like Democrats Have Won the House is from Ed Week.

What a Divided Congress Means for Higher Education is from Inside Higher Ed.

Role models and representation matters to our students:

Having good health care has big effects on educational outcomes (“Kids who get health insurance are more likely to finish high school and college”). These results are great:

A Lesson From Montanans’ Vote to Tax Themselves to Fund Higher Education is from The Atlantic.

How teacher unrest failed to shake up the states in the midterms is from Politico.