Isucc / Pixabay

Apple has just released this holiday ad that advertises them very little and, instead, emphasizes the importance of sharing our gifts to the world.

In the video, a young woman writes a little bit each day and locks her work in a small box. One day, the sheets blow away in the wind and people start reading them – and, of course, love what she has written.

In the classroom, it seems to me that it might have a few uses.

One could be showing it to English Language Learners (stopping periodically to have students write and talk about what’s happening), and then have students discuss what gifts they might have – might develop – that they could share with the world.

I also wonder if it could be shown to students to who are developing products – writing or otherwise – that could benefit by having an “authentic audience,” but who might be a bit reluctant about it (see The Best Places Where Students Can Write For An “Authentic Audience”)?