There have been a number studies over the years that have found different benefits to reading.

Now, a new meta-analysis has taken a look at the ones that have researched if there are any benefits to specifically reading fiction.

You can read a summary of their research at Does Reading Fiction Really Improve Your Social Ability?

As you can see from the text box at the top of the post, there does seem to be some benefit.

Art Markman, who wrote the summary, also points out that the benefits appear to be small. However, he goes on to say:

…most of these studies ask participants to read for a short period of time and then demonstrate an influence soon after. Over time, though, people who read a lot of fiction are likely to develop habits to pay attention to the kinds of information that fiction leads them to consider. So, the effects of reading over the long term are likely to be even stronger than what is observed in these studies (though that is something that future research should tackle).

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