This blog has gained many new readers over the past year. Because of that, I thought it might be worth sharing a daily “A Look Back” where I share a best post from the past twelve years. You can also see all of my choices for “Best” posts here.

This post originally appeared in 2017:


Katrina Schwartz has written an excellent article over at MindShift headlined How Do You Know When A Teaching Strategy Is Most Effective? John Hattie Has An Idea.

She’s done a masterful job of explaining a fairly undecipherable study Hattie and a colleague wrote last year (undecipherable, that is, to those of us not familiar with academic jargon). I wrote about that report when it came out highlighting its most useful part – a great list of learning strategies (see Monster Study On Learning Strategies Released).

Katrina has combined her willingness to dig into the report with her presence at a recent Hattie presentation where he discussed its findings.

Her entire piece is worth reading. After she reviewed Hattie’s “learning model,” though, I was particularly struck by how enthusiastically he endorsed the jigsaw instructional strategy, which is one that I use often. Here’s that portion:


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