As regular readers know, I host a weekly ten-minute radio show that accompanies by Education Week teacher advice column.

You can also access them all at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions.  There are nearly two-hundred of them so far.

I thought readers might be interested in seeing a list of the eight most popular shows of this year.

I’m adding this list to All My End-Of-Year “Best” Lists For 2018 In One Place!

Here are the top eight:

1. Classroom Management: Cultivating Student Self-Control with Dr. Jennifer Davis Bowman, Bryan Harris and Amanda Koonlaba, M.Ed.

2. The Most Practical Ways to Get Students to Lead Their Learning with Yvette Jackson, Veronica McDermott, Rebecca Mieliwocki, and Gallit Zvi.

3. The Best Teaching Advice I Have Ever Received with Arpine Ovsepyan, Rachael George, Fred Ende, and Rita Platt.

4. How Can We Best Differentiate Instruction for ELLs with Tonya Ward Singer, Valentina Gonzalez, Jenny Vo.

5. When Your Classroom Spirals Out of Control, Do This with Theresa Staley, Bobson Wong, Rita Platt, Kevin Parr.

6. What Is Metacognition? Let’s Think About It with Matt Renwick, Laura Robb and Teresa Diaz.

7. Using the First Language of English Language Learners with Melissa Eddington, Wendi Pillars, and Tracey Flores.

8. Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes We Make When Teaching Reading with Diana Laufenberg, Pernille Ripp, Valentina Gonzalez, Jeff Wilhelm.