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I keep reading more and more about TikTok – as Vox explains in its new article, TikTok Explained:

In September, it surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in monthly installs in the App Store, and in July, TikTok hit 500 million global monthly active users, with 6 million US downloads as of November. It’s still only a fraction the size of Facebook (2.27 billion global monthly active users) and Instagram (1 billion), but it’s far ahead of Twitter (336 million) and Snapchat (186 million).

It seems like a musical version of Vine, but more…

Here’s one I saw on Twitter:

I haven’t tried it yet, though have read a few other articles:

TikTok Is Cringey and That’s Fine is an article from The Atlantic.

TikTok, a Chinese Video App, Brings Fun Back to Social Media is from The NY Times.

It seems to me that it could have language-learning potential, similar to how I’ve used Instagram and and Vine in the past (see The Best Resources For Learning To Use The Video Apps “Vine” & Instagram).

But I also know that there’s classroom inappropriate content available on TikTok, so I wonder if it might only be useful in an adult class?

Let me know what your experience with – and thoughts about – it are…