Here’s another end-of-the-year “Best” list that I’m adding to All My End-Of-Year “Best” Lists For 2018 In One Place!

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Here are my picks from the last six months:

We’re Encouraging Students To Use This Outline For 2019 TOK Essays


The University of Texas has developed over one hundred videos, and a bunch of related teaching materials, for a course they share with anyone about ethics. It’s called Ethics Unwrapped. The materials are geared towards colleges and universities, but certainly could also be used in a class like IB Theory of Knowledge. Here’s one video – and teaching materials – that I could see using when we learn about the Milgram Experiment:

You can read more about the program at this Science Daily article, Video-based ethics program increases moral awareness, study finds.

I’m adding this new Newsy video to The Best Videos About The Famous “Trolley Problem”:


The radical moral implications of luck in human life is an excellent article over at Vox that explores the role of luck in inequality through the lens of self-regulation, agency and nature/nurture (I know that’s a hell of a way to summarize an article 🙂 ). And he ties it all together with a discussion of Daniel Kahneman concept of “system one” (fast and automatic) and “system two” (slow and deliberate) thinking systems. It’s fairly lengthy, but I think sections of it could be used effectively with all students (including those in my IB Theory of Knowledge class) multiple discussion topics, including ones on self-control.

This next video would be good when teaching Language in IB Theory of Knowledge. I’m adding it to New & Revised: The Best Resources I’ve Used In Lessons About Race & Racism, where I have other resources on code-switching:

The PBS NewsHour had a surprise – this segment on the International Baccalaureate Program (as regular readers know, our school has an IB program and I teach IB Theory of Knowledge).

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I’m adding this new Vox video to The Best Resources For Teaching About Sexual Harassment & Assault, and I’m definitely going to use when we study Memory in my IB Theory of Knowledge class:

I’m adding this new video to The Best Tools & Lessons For Teaching Information Literacy – Help Me Find More:

I’m using this TED-Ed video, along with the info below it, in Theory of Knowledge class when we learn about how statistics can be misleading:

The National Review tweeted out an incredibly misleading chart on climate change, which they have since deleted. It’s perfect for when we study misleading statistics and graphs. You can read more about this, and still see a version of it, at The Washington Post’s Why this National Review’s global temperature graph is so misleading.


What Do We Know About False News is a new and pretty ambitious article in the Harvard Business Review. I’ll certainly be using parts of it in my IB Theory of Knowledge class, particularly the section I highlight in the box above this text. I’ll add this info to The Best Tools & Lessons For Teaching Information Literacy – Help Me Find More.

Fascinating – & I Really Mean That – NY Times Article On Translation