I’ve recently begun this weekly post where I’ll be sharing resources I’m adding to The Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources or other related “Best” lists.

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Here are this week’s picks:

How to Be More Resilient is from The NY Times. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About Teens & Stress.

What Motivates Effort? Evidence and Expert Forecasts is a new study. I’m adding it to Best Posts On “Motivating” Students.

Hide Your Phone When You’re Trying to Work. Seriously. is from The NY Times. I’m adding it to Best Posts About Helping Students Develop Their Capacity For Self-Control and to The Best Posts On Student Cellphone Use In Class — Please Contribute More.

I’m adding this tweet to the self-control “Best” list:

The California Board Of Education just released a Guide of Social Emotional Learning Resources.

Social-Emotional Learning Competencies Get a Boost from Classroom Technology is from Ed Tech.

I’m adding the next two resources to The Best Resources On “Gratitude”:

Gratitude opens the door to self-control. is from Character Lab.

How Writing Down What You’re Thankful For Can Be Good For Mental and Physical Health is from MindShift.