Last month I shared a new retrieval practice “warm-up” I was doing in my Long-Term English Language Learner support class (see A New Strategy I’m Using To Promote Retrieval Practice In Class (Student Hand-Out Included) ).

It’s a fairly extensive post with student hand-outs I used to introduce the practice.

Since that time, I’ve modified it a bit – instead of students focusing on what they learned the previous week in one class each week, everyday they write about what they learned in each of their classes the previous day.  We do a “speed-dating” sharing where students can add to what they wrote, and then I call on a few students to share with the entire class.  The whole process takes about ten minutes.

It’s going very well, and I have permission to share images from a couple of their notebooks.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources For Learning About Retrieval Practice.