Many teachers are familiar with the jigsaw instructional strategy (you can read more about it at THIS IS INTERESTING: HATTIE SAYS JIGSAW STRATEGY HITS A HOMERUN and GUEST POST: USING A “JIGSAW” IN MATH CLASS).

I use it a lot in my classes – it’s great for many reasons, including its differentiation potential.

This week, Education Week will be filming my classroom, as well as my co-author, colleague and friend Katie Hull’s class.  They’re producing two videos – one showing differentiation in an ELL class, and another with the two of us discussing how we plan for differentiation in both our ELL and mainstream classes.

They will be follow-ups to our popular animated one, Differentiating Instruction: It’s Not as Hard as You Think.

Jigsaw will be one of the strategies I’ll be using, and I thought readers might find it useful to see the student hand-outs I use (NOTE: Ed Week will be unveiling the videos in late January.  However, because of the nearby Camp Fire, their videotaping was cut short so it won’t show this jigsaw activity).

You can download them here.

Let me know if you have suggestions on how I can make them better!