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This post appeared in October, 2018.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

The UChicago Consortium On School Research is commonly viewed as the “gold standard” of education research, and I’ve posted about their work many times.

But they’ve really outdone themselves with their brand-new report, Supporting Social, Emotional, & Academic Development: Research Implications for Educators.

It is filled with an enormous amount of useful and practice research for teachers and administrators.  For example, here’s one tidbit that was new to me:

Missing just five days of school in the first semester of ninth grade decreases the likelihood of eventually graduating high school by 25 percentage points.

You’ll find hundreds more pieces of information like that….

Here’s how they describe the report in more academic tones, but it’s very accessible and – again – useful:

This research synthesis is designed to help teachers and principals support equitable outcomes for all students. It suggests ways teachers, administrators, and school support personnel can use insights from research to create Pre-K-12 schools and classrooms that advance educational equity.

The synthesis brings together the UChicago Consortium’s ground-breaking research on the influence of school climate on student achievement, the importance of mindsets and developmental experiences, as well as other leading education research. It draws attention to the critical role of engagement and mindsets in student success; how teachers and administrators can create strong school climates that support students and engage families as partners; and how responsive classrooms can enable all students to have strong academic engagement.

I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles On Student Engagement.