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Last fall, Katie Hull and I worked with Ed Week to create a very popular animated video introducing differentiated instruction.

Then, Ed Week send a videographer to our classrooms to do some filming and create two more: one on differentiating instruction for English Language Learners and the other providing advice for how all teachers can plan ahead to differentiate.

Ed Week just published those two new videos today under the title How to Differentiate Instruction (Without Losing Your Mind) and at Differentiated Instruction: How to Make Lessons Accessible for All: A Video Series. Each of those links has additional resources, along with the videos.

And the three videos are also embedded below.

I’m adding them to:

Best Lists Of The Week: Differentiated Instruction, where I have tons of curated resources on the topic.

I’m also adding them to my video page, where you can find quite a few other useful ones I’ve made or helped create on different topics. Those include an animated on transfer of knowledge, and we’ll be working with Ed Week to create more animated videos.