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Yes, it’s that time of year when my International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge classes begin preparing for their Oral Presentations.

The entire six weeks we spend on them is detailed at our class blog, including lots of links, examples and hand-outs – all which are used by tons of TOK classes around the world.

You can see samples of Knowledge Questions previous classes have chosen at:

Primary Knowledge Questions From 2017 Class

Knowledge questions from 2018 class

Here are a few from this year:

How do ethics and emotion influence our perception of peace?

How can religion affect inequality?

To what extent does moving to a different place affect one’s perception of their home culture?

To what extent does gender affect our way of thinking?

How do parents’ perspective of gender roles affect their children?

To what extent are our adulthood senses of emotion and perception affected by the myths and legends we have heard as children?

Do what extent does our culture affect our emotions and sense of perception?

What roles do history and culture have in shaping our language?

What roles do reason and emotion play in sports?