Wild0ne / Pixabay


I’m a big fan of “choose your own adventure” stories – both text and in video. They’re engaging for everyone, including English Language Learners (see The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories).

Unfortunately, last year YouTube disabled the annotations tool that people were able to use to create those kinds of videos.  There’s still a way to do it, but it seems more difficult, and all the older videos that were on that list don’t work any longer as CYOA.

However, I read on TechCrunch today about the video creator Eko, which creates similar videos for their own site and others for BuzzFeed.

I don’t think the ones they make on their own would work for class, but their ones for BuzzFeed would work very well for English Language Learners.

For example, there’s one on ordering Ramen (when learning about food); another silly one on what kind of dog you might be, and another on reading Tarot cards (which could be dicey if some students find it conflicting with their religious beliefs).

I’ll be looking for more as they come out…