The 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting is coming up, and there will certainly be more articles and videos on the topic (which I will add to this list).

I have many other “Best” lists related to gun violence, which you can find here.

Here is a beginning list of Columbine-related resources:

20 Years After Columbine, What Have We Learned? is from The NY Times.

The Children of the Children of Columbine is from The Atlantic.

‘I’ve Had a Lot of Survivor’s Guilt’: Columbine High’s Former Principal on Healing His Community is from Ed Week.

After Columbine, An Unlikely Friendship Bound By The Trauma Of Mass Shootings is from NPR.

20 Years After The Columbine Shooting, Students And Staff Reflect On What Happened is from NPR.

He Was a New Teacher at Columbine During the Shooting 20 Years Ago. Here’s Why He Never Left. is from TIME.