I’ve recently begun this weekly post where I’ll be sharing resources I’m adding to The Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources or other related “Best” lists.

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Here are this week’s picks:

Why We Can’t Afford Whitewashed Social-Emotional Learning is by Dena Simmons. I’m adding it to Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources.

A smarter way to think about willpower appeared in The Washington Post. I’m adding it to Best Posts About Helping Students Develop Their Capacity For Self-Control.

Is PBIS Creating Extrinsically-Driven Students? is an interesting piece I learned about through NiaBTeaching. I’m adding it to Best Posts On “Motivating” Students.

I’m adding this next tweet to The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset” (I think it’s a nice, short explanation of the concept):