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I have a very – and I mean very – outdated Best ESL-EFL Blogs list.

Instead of revising it for the first time in years, I decided to start anew by sharing my favorites and invite readers to add their own in the comments.

You might also be interested in my British Council post, The Top Blogs and Resource Sites For Teachers Of English Language Learners.

Here they are (in order to make this list, the blogs need to have at least one post each month), not in any order of preference:

Speaking of the British Council, they have greatly expanded the number of bloggers who are writing monthly posts on different topics. You can find them all here. I also write there, and you can find my posts here.

Valentina Gonzalez

Carol Salva

Tan Huynh

Christina Cabal

Jana Echevarria

Emily Francis

Olya Sergeeva

Learning the Language

Svetlana Kandybovich

Shelly S. Terrell

Alex Case

Sandy Millin

On The Same Page

Web English

English Teaching 101

Keep It Simple Activities


Seidlitz Blog

Let me know who I’m missing!  Again, please keep in mind that the minimum requirement is one new post each month.