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Peer review of student writing can often be problematic. However, it also has the potential of being a very positive experience for students and teachers alike.

I’ve written about it in the past, and shared related resources, but I thought it would be useful to collect them into one “Best” list.

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Here are my choices:

I’ll start off with an excerpt from one of our books: Peer Review, Common Core, and ELLs

I wrote four ways to give ELL students feedback on their writing for the British Council.

Learning to Write Like a Reader: Teaching Students How to Edit and Do Peer-Review is from Teaching Learning/Learning Teacher.

Constructive Peer Editing: Free Handout Included! is by Emily Guthrie.

I like the peer feedback idea shared in this next tweet:

Incorporating Students’ Perspectives in the Design of Peer Review Activities is by Adam Loretto, Sara DeMartino, and Amanda Godley. What Do High School Students Think About Peer Review?is by the same authors.

Peer Review is from Read Write Think.

Using Peer Review to Promote Writing Development in ESL Classes is a useful research paper.

Peer Review Done Right appeared in Edutopia.


These next four links come from a college perspective, but still offer useful resources to secondary teachers:

Planning and Guiding In-Class Peer Review is from The Teaching Center.

3 Harsh Truths about In-Class Peer Review is from Schoology.

Why Peer Review is Important in Writing is from the Graide Network.

‘Speed Dating’ Peer-Review Writing Workshops is from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Impact of Peer Assessment on Academic Performance: A Meta-analysis of Control Group Studies is a new paper.

New Study Finds That Peer Assessment Works – Pretty Much Any Way You Do It

Teaching Kids to Give and Receive Quality Peer Feedback is from Edutopia.

3 Steps to Better Peer Feedback is from Edutopia.

Seven Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Peer Feedback in the Classroom is from John Spencer.

The RISE Model is a feedback strategy that I think is particularly useful for peer assessment.

Peer Review Times Two is from The National Writing Project.

Feedback: Improve the learner, not the work is from Alex Quigley.

Creating a Middle School Editing Community is from Edutopia.

Let me know what I’m missing!