“No Te Calles” is a new song from the group Making Movies and Ruben Blades encouraging people, particularly Latinos, to fight against injustice.

In addition, they’ve created a website where anyone can sing a verse about an injustice and post it on the site in video/audio or just audio form.

Yes, I know this could potentially be tricky politically for some teachers, but the lyrics seem fine to me (those are in Spanish, but it’s easy to translate with Google Translate).

Personally, I’m always looking for “authentic audiences” for student work. I need to think about it more, but I could potentially see this as high-engaging end-of-year activity for ELLs, where they sing in both Spanish and English.

The music video is embedded below, and you can read more about it at NPR’s article, Making Movies And Rubén Blades Trace Stories Of Immigrant Injustice With ‘Ameri’kana’

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