On the eve of World Refugee Day ( see The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day), the United Nations has announced the number of refugees in the world is the highest in UN history (see NPR’s story, Nearly 71 Million People Forcibly Displaced Worldwide In 2018, U.N. Report Says and the NY Times article, Number of People Fleeing Conflict Is Highest Since World War II, U.N. Says).

According to Statista,”In FY 2016, the U.S. resettled 84,994 refugees and in FY 2018, that number fell to 22,491.”

Something is very wrong with that picture….

Here’s an infographic showing the make-up of the few refugees the U.S. did take-in last year:

Infographic: Where America's Refugees Came From In 2018  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista