Kolibri is a learning app designed to be used off-line in under-resources areas of the world.

I don’t quite understand completely how it works but, apparently, they are able to make the size of the files particularly small.

Their learning content looks great, and a fair amount of it is new to me and would be very accessible to English Language Learners (for example, I had never heard of the Hello English YouTube channel).

It’s also all available online, so it can all be accessed by students without any downloads if you have an Internet connection.

Once I figure out the technical details, I’m wondering if it might be a solution to a challenge we’re having at our school:  We’re continuing to receive unaccompanied minor refugees from Central America, and most are being placed in foster homes.  They’re usually not able to afford a phone or Internet access.  I’m sure I can raise funds to buy devices for them to borrow.  However, the question we’ve been facing is how they could use it when they’re not in school, without online access at home.

I’m thinking that Kolibri might be a solution.

If you have other ideas, I’m all ears!