Guest post by Parisa Mehran

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Parisa Mehran holds a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in TEFL, both from Alzahra University, and a PhD in CALL from Osaka University. She currently teaches English part-time several Japanese universities and at an English conversation school. Her passion for social justice has led her to engage in different ELT movements for change, and now she is on her journey as a racial equity advocate in ELT.

Women of Color in ELT (WOC in ELT) is a safe and supportive space for English language teachers who identify as Women of Color. It is a movement by Women of Color for Women of Color.

We at WOC in ELT are aware that the term “Woman of Color” has been questioned. We acknowledge these concerns and have created a page and explained why we are using it. Please visit this page:

Term: Women of Color

In our work and practice at WOC in ELT, the term “Women of Color” is meant to unite, transcend, embrace, and welcome Women of Color from all shades of color and all walks of life and experiences, and it is intended to focus on the lived experiences of women who have been historically and systematically marginalized and excluded because of their race, ethnicity, and/or the color of their skin. We hope you will join us in rising above language for unity and liberation.

What is the purpose of WOC in ELT? 

Adopting a racial equity and intersectional lens, WOC in ELT aims to support and nurture Women of Color in ELT to come together to build collective power for equity and systemic change by providing a platform to give voice and visibility to Women of Color in ELT.  You can read more on the goals of Women of Color in ELT here: About WOC in ELT

How can women who identify as Women of Color join? 

If you identify as a Woman of Color in ELT, you can add your name to the database of WOC in ELT by filling out this form:

The main purpose of creating this database is to connect Women of Color in ELT to each other.

You can also join Women of Color in ELT Facebook Group.

You can also follow Women of Color social media:

WOC in ELT Facebook Page

WOC in ELT on Twitter

WOC in ELT on Instagram

WOC in ELT on LinkedIn

You can get connected and join the conversation by using this hashtag: #WOCinELT and mentioning our Twitter handle @WOCinELT

You can share your story by writing or sharing a video or audio file. Please visit Share Your Story.

You can get involved in WOC in ELT initiatives.

Above all, at WOC in ELT, power is shared. You can lead this movement if you are interested. Just contact us at and let us know. You can read about us.

If someone is not a WOC in ELT but they wish to support the work that you do, how can they do so?

To support WOC in ELT, please check WOC in ELT Supporters.

You can:

– follow us on our social media

– join Women of Color in ELT & Supporters Facebook Group

– share this movement with Women of Color in ELT that you know

– write for us and tell us why you support WOC in ELT

– add your name to our webpage by filling out this form: