Hubert is a new – and free – chatbot that teachers can have students to use to evaluate classes. Then, the site uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the results.

As regular readers know, I’m a big fan of having students evaluate classes and teachers (see Best Posts On Students Evaluating Classes (And Teachers)).  I always share the results publicly.   The Washington Post has a habit of picking up the ones that are not so positive – see last year’s article that they run headlined NEWS BREAK (not breaking news): Teacher asks students to grade him. One wrote: ‘I give Mr. Ferlazzo an A at being annoying.’

I’ve always given students students anonymous paper forms to complete (except when I’ve taught at college credential programs who have used their university online surveys). You can see the different versions I’ve used at that previously mentioned “Best” list.

I do wonder how my students would react to a chatbot? At this point, it appears there are only a few specific questions it can ask, but I assume that will change as the site develops.

I’ll let you know if I decide to give it a try in December at the end of the semester…