USA Learns (coincidentally, it’s run by our own Sacramento County Office of Education) is on more of my “Best” lists than you could shake a stick at (see them all here).

It’s free, engaging, lets both Beginners and Intermediates practice all language-learning domains, and makes it easy for teachers to create virtual classrooms.

They’ve just unveiled a new expansion of their site:

English 1 Plus is a beginning high / intermediate low course based on videos from the Voice of America Let’s Learn English series. Learn English with fun videos about Anna, who works in Washington, D.C. Watch stories about her work, friends, and activities while you learn English vocabulary, listening, grammar, writing, reading, and spelling. This English course has 5 units, with six lessons each. We recommend that you complete this course after the 1st English Course.

I’m looking forward to introducing it to my students!