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The California State Department of Education has just unveiled a proposed Ethnic Studies Curriculum.

The Sacramento Bee has an excellent article about it: California ethnic studies curriculum would be a first in U.S. The state wants feedback

Here’s the state announcement:

California is committed to providing excellent educational opportunities to all students. Research shows that culturally meaningful and relevant curriculum can have a positive impact on students. Students that become more engaged in school through courses like ethnic studies have higher graduation rates, better attendance and feel more personally empowered. Ethnic studies also gives students an appreciation of the contributions of multiple cultures, creating future global citizens.

To that end, Governor Brown signed AB 2016, requiring the State Board of Education to adopt an Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum – guidance for school districts developing an Ethnic Studies course that best meets local student needs.

The current draft curriculum was created by the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Advisory Committee and presented to the Instructional Quality Commission, an advisory body to the State Board, during their May 16, 2019 meeting. The current draft will be posted through August 15, 2019 for public comment. After the public comment period closes, the Instructional Quality Commission will fully review the model curriculum and all public comments, and recommend revisions at their September 2019 meeting. 


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