The El Paso massacre, President Trump’s white nationalist rhetoric, and the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant actions have understandably combined to create an atmosphere that can make many of our Latino students and their families feel attacked.

You can read more about that effect at:

More Hispanic Kids Are Depressed Than Their Peers As Anti-Migrant Rhetoric Rises is from NPR.

‘It Feels Like Being Hunted’: Latinos Across U.S. in Fear After El Paso Massacre is from The New York Times.

‘Anywhere I Go, I Feel Threatened’: Schools Encounter Fears of Latino Students in Shooting Aftermath is from Ed Week.


I’ve previously shared these resources and ideas about how we might be able to support students in the face of hate:

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Responding to Hate and Violence is from the ADL.


Despite the best efforts of many educators, however, some schools have not, and will not, be immune from  this hate.  Here are some resources to help when it comes to campuses:

Confronting White Nationalism in Schools Toolkit is from The Western States Center.

Responding to Hate and Bias at School is from Teaching Tolerance.


I’m not always sure what actions are the best ones we can take.

But I am sure that we teachers must confront hate and support our students and their families.