Hatred – and it does appear to be hatred – of immigrants appears to have no bounds in the Trump Administration. It’s drumbeat of “invaders” continues (see The Demonization Of Immigrants As Invaders, And What Teachers & Students Can Do About It and SUPPORTING OUR LATINO STUDENTS IN THE FACE OF HATE).

Now, Bloomberg reports that White House aides like Stephen Miller had been working hard until recently to figure out a way that states could deny schooling to undocumented children (see White House Mulled Ways to Block Migrant Children From Schools).

Of course, as Betsy DeVos learned last year when she tried to say schools could call ICE on students (and which most of us already knew), it is illegal to deny schooling to undocumented students (see No, Secretary DeVos, Schools Cannot Choose To Call ICE On Students ā€“ Here Are The Best Rebuttals To Her False Claim).

But these guys, most of whom have ancestors who wouldn’t have been able to enter the United States under the restrictions they are trying to implement (read about the immigration histories of Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, and US Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli), just don’t seem to stop.

It’s a sad commentary on them, and a tragic one for our students and their families.