Lots of news articles are coming out about a new study that says practice will not necessarily result in someone becoming the “best” at a sport or task.

That may very well be correct.

That result also misses the point.

What research does show is  that deliberate practice is the most important element in developing expertise that is within a person’s control.

I’ve talked about this issue in the past several times, and you can see links to those posts at A Look Back: “Deliberate Practice & Red Herrings.”

Here are articles about the new study:

The “10,000 hour rule” was debunked again. That’s a relief. is from Vox.

Blow to 10,000-hour rule as study finds practice doesn’t always make perfect is from The Guardian.

Practice Will Make You Better, but Maybe Not the Best is from Smithsonian Magazine.


I’m adding this info to The Best Resources For Learning About The 10,000 Hour Rule & Deliberate Practice.