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I’m a big advocate of students assisting other students in a variety of ways (see The Best Resources On The Value & Practice Of Having Older Students Mentoring Younger Ones and The Best Posts On Helping Students Teach Their Classmates — Help Me Find More).

A new way we’ve begun doing this kind of activity is by having my International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge students begin tutoring students from my Beginning English Language Development class after-school.

IB students have to earn “CAS Hours” – basically service work – and the ELL students love getting one-on-one tutoring and getting to know other students at the school.

Today, we had about twenty-five or thirty students, roughly equally divided between ELL students and the IB students and other non-IB students who just wanted to come to help.  It’s actually a pretty impressive sight.

I spend a few minutes getting everybody set-up and started, and then I leave.  After-school staff, particularly superstar Raquel Perez, then supervise it for the majority of the hour.

We do it two days a week.

Here are the orientation materials and the self-evaluation form tutors complete after each session: Instructions for After-School Tutors

Let me know your suggestions of how to make it even better!