Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in THE BEST ARTICLES, VIDEOS & POSTS ON EDUCATION POLICY IN 2019 – PART ONE):

Staying at elementary school for longer associated with higher student attainment is a summary of what might be an important study.

On Teachers & Teacher Bashing is from School Finance 101.

California education panel tackles ethnic studies curriculum. A revised draft is coming is from The Sacramento Bee.

California needs time to get ethnic studies curriculum right is by Linda Darling-Hammond.

I’m adding both to The Best Posts On The Value Of Ethnic Studies Classes – Help Me Find More.

A looming teacher strike in Chicago is about far more than just salaries is from NBC News.

What Do Public School Rankings Really Mean? is from Yahoo. I’m adding it to The Best Evidence For Why Giving Schools “Report Cards” Is Bad — Help Me Find More.

Sacramento City Unified teacher vacancies mean hundreds of students are taught by substitutes is from The Sacramento Bee. I”m adding it to A BEGINNING LIST OF THE BEST RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ABOUT OUR SACRAMENTO DISTRICT’S FINANCIAL FIASCO.

Betsy DeVos says schools are strapped for cash because of well-paid bureaucrats. Here’s why that’s misleading. is from Chalkbeat.