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I’ve applied The Dunning Kruger Effect in my classroom (see New Metacognition Study & How I’m Thinking Of Applying It In My Classes – Feedback Welcome!).

And I’ve previously posted about a good TED-Ed video on the topic that, however, I don’t think is usable in the classroom because of its title (see Useful New TED Video & Lesson On The Dunning-Kruger Effect).

You might also be interested in The Best Resources On The Importance Of Knowing What You Don’t Know.

Today, though, a couple of related videos were just published, and I thought it would be useful to bring them together into a short “Best” list (though, again, for my purposes, I’m not sure I can use the first one in some classes because of the title – it could be useful, though, when just teaching the concept in TOK classes. The second one actually features Professor Dunning himself):