I’m continuing with end-of-year “Best” lists.

So far, I’ve published:


The Best Social Studies Websites – 2019 (Part Two)

Best Videos For Educators In 2019 – Part Two

I use short, funny video clips a lot when I’m teaching ELLs, and you can read in detail about how I use them in The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them). In short, there are many ways to use them that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading (including having students describe – in writing and verbally – a chronological description of what they saw).

You can see all previous editions of this list, as well as other “Best” lists related to videos, here.

Here are my choices for the past six months:

You can’t go wrong with a Simon’s Cat video:

Students would have fun describing this:

I’m adding this new video to The Best Sites To Learn About Robots:

“Wings” is a cute video to show English Language Learners and then have them write and talk about what they saw:

Here’s another cute one:

I’m adding this video to The Best Resources For Using “If This Animal Or Image Could Talk” Lesson Idea In Class:

Here’s another one:

Some pro hide and seek from r/aww

Here’s another video to show ELLs and then have them describe what they saw:

via Gfycat

I’m adding this new video of a “Barking Bird Guards the House like a Dog” to The Best Funny Videos Showing The Importance Of Being Bilingual Or Multilingual — Part One: