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We had two two-hour meetings today of teachers who teach ELL-only classes (because of sub issues, we brought half the teachers together in the morning, and then the other half in the afternoon.

It was led by Jen Adkins, our extremely capable “Lead Teacher” for ELLs (each of our Small Learning Communities – see The Best Resources For Learning About Small Learning Communities – has a Lead Teacher) and me.

I thought readers might be interested in what we did.

Here’s the agenda:

PART ONE  – Led by Jen

1)      Student Review: Teacher reflection time on these questions followed by sharing and discussion (25 minutes):

Three ELD students you are having concerns about – what are the concerns, when are times in class they have each done especially well?

Three ELD students who are doing particularly well  – what are ideas on how they can be further challenged?

2)      Teacher Review: Teacher reflection time on these questions followed by sharing and discussion (25 minutes):

What specific two-or-three strategies that you have done that have worked particularly well in your ELD class and why do you think they have gone so well?

What specific challenges are you having in your ELD/ELL class and what are your thoughts about why you are having those challenges?


PART TWO – Led by Larry – 45 minutes

This will be built around the issues that come up in the Part one discussion and needs people have emailed Larry about previously. 

PART THREE – Evaluation – 5 Minutes


They both went well, and were each evaluated very positively.

All participants shared excellent ideas.

Here are some of the ones I discussed in the meeting (some will be included in an upcoming article I’ve written for the British Council, which will also include a few more.):

I’m a big fan of the Quizizz gaming site for all students, and introduced it to teachers with this short game on ELL research.

Reviewed the Three Two One speaking activity (though, for my present students, it’s a thirty second/60 second/90 second exercise.

Discussed a cooperative reading activity where two students choose one book to take turns reading to each other for ten minutes, then complete this form, and finally present their book and form to another group.

Talked about Adobe Spark video and how I use it with my students – provide a short writing frame, have students draw an image, and then have them record what they wrote.

We went over Twelve Ways ELLs – & Anyone Else – Can Read & Demonstrate Understanding Of A Textbook Chapter – Add To The List!


It’s always great to learn from colleagues!