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In addition to posts here and at Ed Week, and regular episodes of my BAM! Radio Show, I’ve got seven new projects/articles appearing over the next thirty days:

* A lengthy article I wrote about our school’s support effort for Long Term English Language Learners, including data from the experiment and control groups, will appear in ASCD Educational Leadership next week. It will be online by December 1st, and won’t be behind a paywall. You can see previous articles I’ve written for them here.

Katie Hull and I collaborated with Ed Week on four animated videos on how teachers can help students develop intrinsic motivation. They should be up sometime in December. In the meantime, you can see my previous videos here.

For many years, I’ve written a year-end summary of “good” and “bad” education news for The Washington Post. Look for this year’s round-up in the Post soon. You can see those pieces from the last seven years here.

I’ve also done an annual set of predictions for The Washington Post. You can see mine for 2020 sometime in December, too, and check out how I’ve done over the past eight years here.


In 2020, of course, the big “reveal” will be publication of The Math Teacher’s Toolbox, The Science Teacher’s Toolbox and The Social Studies Teacher’s Toolbox – all in April!  Watch for lots of excerpts all over the place!