I learned about Freckle this week when I was participating in a #together4els chat on Twitter.

It’s an “adaptive” platform where teachers can set up free virtual classrooms (it looks like it’s free to individual teachers, but schools and districts can pay for more features) and is supposed to differentiate in English, Math and Social Studies content.

It was particularly struck by it having “hundreds” of the same articles written at different lexile levels.

It’s part of Renaissance Learning, which is best known for its Accelerated Reader, and I’m not a big fan of that business (see A Beginning List Of The Best Posts & Articles On Accelerated Reader).

Freckle, though, might be a “different kettle of fish.”  I have to dive into it more – if students control their levels, Freckle might have a lot of potential.

I’m adding it to The Best Sites Where Students Can Work Independently & Let Teachers Check On Progress and to The Best Places To Get The “Same” Text Written For Different “Levels”