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Thirteen Instructional Strategies for Supporting ELL Newcomers is the headline of one of my Education Week columns.

Obviously, a ton of other “Best” lists are useful to teachers of ELL Newcomers, including:

The Best Online Resources For Teachers of Pre-Literate ELL’s & Those Not Literate In Their Home Language (which also includes SLIFE resources).

“Best” Lists Of The Week: Thematic Lists For Beginner ELLs

“Best” Lists Of The Week: Teaching ELLs


But I thought teachers might also find it useful to have a specific list dedicated to ELL Newcomers – in other words, students who have just arrived in this country..

This is just a beginning list, and I invite readers to offer suggestions of others.

Here is what I have so far:

Ways A Mainstream Teacher Can Support An ELL Newcomer In Class

Newcomer Toolkit is from the Minneapolis Public Schools.

A similarly named Newcomer Toolkit from the Clark County School District.

SIFE Manual is from New York State.

The next two resources are from Carol Salva:

Newcomer Teachers’ Guide to a Strong Start

Guide Helps Newcomer Students’ Families Navigate the U.S. School System is from REL Northwest.

Here’s a math diagnostic for Newcomers:

Helping Newcomer Immigrant and Refugee Students Register for Secondary School

4 Effective Strategies for Supporting Newcomer English Learners is from Edutopia.

The English Hub For Refugees has some great lessons for Newcomers.

What are your other recommendations?