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I have written many posts about SAS Curriculum Pathways, and it’s on many “Best” lists. For many years, they have offered very high quality online lessons and the ability to create virtual classrooms – for free! I’ve used many of them in my ELL U.S. History and World History classes.

Today, they announced that they are shutting down the site and, instead, focus on developing resources to help students learn computer science.

If you asked me, and I recognize that no one is, I would say that it seems to me that the world is awash with resources to help students learn computer science. But I really can’t complain after all the years of free resources they’ve provided to my students and countless others. I wish them well.

Now, with SAS Curriculum Pathways gone, who are most likely replacements, especially for those of us who teach Social Studies?

It seems to me that the most likely alternative is iCivics (see WOW! IT LOOKS LIKE ICIVICS WANTS TO BE THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS).

But there are other options out there, too.

You can find them at these “Best” lists:

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I’m not teaching any Social Studies classes this school year, so my incentive to spend more time reviewing alternatives is not high.  When I have a little more time, I’ll explore more in-depth.  In the meantime, though, please offer your own suggestions in the comments section.