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Regional Educational Laboratories are publicly-supported organizations that do educational research and, as I’ve shared in the past, will do free research for educators who have specific questions (see Send An Ed-Related Research Question To One Of The Regional Educational Laboratories – And They’ll Answer It!).

I’ve also previously-shared some research they did for me on the difference between collaborative and cooperative learning (see “Ask A REL” Archives Are Some Of The Most Accessible Education Research Sites Around…).

They recently did some additional research on intrinsic motivation, and wrote a piece about it (where they also shared the research they found).  Check it out at From the REL West Reference Desk: How an Ask-a-REL Memo Helped Teachers Understand Student Motivation.

Thanks to Elizabeth Burr for her help!

Consider sending them your own question!

I’m adding this info to The Best Resources For Understanding How To Interpret Education Research.