January 27th is the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation.

There will be a fair number of new learning resources shared over the next week, and I’ll add them to this list.

You might also be interested in The Best Sites For Learning About The Holocaust.

Here’s what I have so far (please suggest more!):

The official Auschwitz Memorial Museum has a number of lesson plans.

AP PHOTOS: Auschwitz, 75 years after its liberation is from The Washington Post.

The Road to Auschwitz Wasn’t Paved With Indifference is from The NY Times.

Holocaust Survivor Returning To Auschwitz: ‘It’s Like Going To The Family Cemetery’ is from NPR.

‘Fresh Air’ Marks The 75th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Auschwitz is from NPR.

75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Survivors Urge World To Remember is from NPR.