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I know I’ve heard concerns from some students who have heard about the Coronavirus in the news, and thought I’d put together a quick list of accessible resources. I’ll be adding to them as new ones become available.

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Here’s what I have so far:

Wuhan Coronavirus 101: What We Do — And Don’t — Know About A Newly Identified Disease is from NPR.

Many in China Wear Them, but Do Masks Block Coronavirus? is from The NY Times.

How Worried Should You Be About the New Coronavirus? is from Slate.

How the new coronavirus differs from SARS, measles and Ebola is from The Washington Post.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers is from The Centers For Disease Control.

Q&A: What is coronavirus? What you should know about the virus behind the outbreak in China is from The L.A. Times.

Mapping the spread of the new coronavirus is from The Washington Post.

Tracking Where the Coronavirus Has Spread is from The NY Times.

Coronavirus FAQs: Do Masks Help? Is The Disease Really So Mysterious? is from NPR.

PHOTOS: What It’s Like Living Through An Outbreak is from NPR.

Maps show where the coronavirus started and why officials are so worried. is from The Washington Post.

The new viral threat: What you need to know is from The Washington Post.

A History Of Quarantines, From Bubonic Plague To Typhoid Mary is from NPR.

Must-Know Vocab For Wuhan Coronavirus: From Droplets To Zoonotic is from NPR.

On Social Media, Racist Responses To Coronavirus Can Have Their Own Contagion is from NPR.

The Pandemic of Xenophobia and Scapegoating is from TIME.

How Our Modern World Creates Outbreaks Like Coronavirus is from TIME.

‘An Eternal Hero.’ Whistleblower Doctor Who Sounded Alarm on Coronavirus Dies in China is from TIME.

How novel coronavirus spread across the world – visual explainer is from The Guardian.

IMAGES: What New Coronavirus Looks Like Under The Microscope is from NPR.


Coronavirus map: how Covid-19 is spreading across the world is from The Guardian.

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus is from NPR.