I don’t want to be overly-alarmist, but two things happened today to get me wondering what would happen here in the U.S. if the coronavirus resulted in U.S. schools closing for a period of time.

First, the CDC announced today that it could happen (see Americans should prepare for coronavirus crisis in U.S., CDC says).

Secondly, the great IB Theory of Knowledge Teachers Support Group Facebook page (unfortunately, it’s open only to TOK teachers) had a very lengthy – and useful – thread (again, it’s a great link if you teach TOK and a member of the group) with teachers in Asia sharing the tools they were using to continue teaching since their schools had closed down because of the virus.

So, what are your suggestions for tools & strategies to use to teach if the worst case scenario happens?

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Also, see Ed Week’s story: Schools Should Prepare for Coronavirus Outbreaks, CDC Officials Warn.