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What Would a Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. Mean for Schools? is the headline of an article in today’s New York Times, and I shared a post two days ago titled What Are Your Suggestions For Online Learning If Schools Are Closed In U.S. Because Of The Coronavirus?

Given this possibility, here are a list of tools some teachers in Asia are now using as they deal with closed schools because of the coronavirus (feel free to add more in the comments). I also included links to more resources on how to use them:

Google Classroom (A Beginning List Of The Best Resources For Learning About Google Classroom)

FlipGrid (9 New Ways to Use Flipgrid in the Classroom and Guest Post: Getting Started With Flipgrid)

Google Hangouts (The Google Chat Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Google Hangouts Meet, Chat, and More) (Introducing Edji: A Technology Coach’s Go-To Resource and 20 ways to analyze text, images with Edji)

Mentimeter (Mentimeter: Using Mentimeter in the classroom)


Zoom (Zoom Review)

Kialo (Kialo: Debates with Depth in the Language Classroom)

Sutori (Sutori Review)

These are the tools some IB Theory of Knowledge teachers in Asia are using. Please share additional suggestions!